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Today on the show I speak with professional speaker, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur, Sheevaun Moran. Sheevaun joins Natalie to discuss her upcoming live event called I am success now, which is designed to help people become successful in any area of their life. During the show, Sheevaun explains why our inside energy must be aligned with our outside energy to reach prosperity, empowerment and success. Plus, she reveals the effective method she uses to remove the obstacles that create pain, anxiety and fear, in record time.
Sheevaun Moran LIVE
Today on the show Natalie speaks with author, coach and NLP guru, Mr. Twenty Twenty. Twenty joins Natalie on the show to discuss how he was able to heal himself from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being taken hostage in one of the worst prison riots in the United States. During the show, Twenty explains that this traumatic event forever changed his life and why he strongly believes that things never happen by accident, they happen to teach us valuable lessons. Plus, he reveals the effective technique he uses to help people overcome any challenge in life.
Twenty Twenty
Today on the show Natalie speaks with contemporary thought leader and one of Oprah's special guests, Panache Desai. Panache joins Natalie to discuss his latest book called Discovering your Soul Signature, Finding Your Purpose, Passion, and Joy, which aims to help people discover their life's purpose and overcome the emotional obstacles that keep them from becoming who they really are. During our chat, Panache explains why he strongly believes that we must all find our soul signature and the important steps you need to take to find it. PLUS, he reveals how to heal yourself from life's challenges as he explains the hidden causes of anger, fear, rage and insecurity.
Panache Desai LIVE
Today on the show Natalie speaks with 'The Unbreakable Man' and author of ’The Unbreakable’, Nicholas Steele. Nicholas joins Natalie on the show to discuss the inspiration behind his book and shares his miraculous journey of overcoming total paralysis and finally walking again! He attributes his success to visualization and positive affirmations. During our chat, Nicholas explains why he's been called 'a miracle' and 'unbreakable', and shares that his mission in life is to help people understand that anything is possible and that no one must ever give up on hope or their dreams.
Nicholas Steele - Unbreakable

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