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On this moving episode of The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Ultimate Success Masterclass graduate and founder of “Planet Peace Gatherings”, Melita Ray. If you're excited by the idea of sparking real positive change in your community, Melita's game plan could be the rocket fuel you need to make a difference. Discover how you can be a part of Melita's ingenious mission to spread positivity, hope and awareness across the planet by flooding the media with loving and compassionate messages.
Melita Ray
On this exceptional episode of The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with self-discovery enthusiast, freedom-strategist and life coach, Vasavi Kumar. Vasavi joins Natalie to discuss how a big (and sometimes painful) change in your life can lead to your biggest transformation. Watch as Vasavi takes a fascinating deep dive into the personal and professional roles we adopt in our lives, and how those roles influence our sense of worth and value. If you're feeling lost, trapped or struggling to find your Highest Identity, Vasavi's insights could be the catalyst for your breakthrough.
Vasavi Kumar
On this very special episode of The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Sharon Livingston, to discuss what to do when your best friend cuts you off forever. During the show, Dr. Sharon explains the importance of having close friends that understand you on a deeper level, as well as knowing when and how to let go of toxic friendships. Dr. Sharon opens up about losing her best friend and the powerful strategies she applied into her life to pull herself out of grief. She also reveals that losing a friend is as painful (if not more) than losing a partner. And through her book “Get Lost Girlfriend”, she wishes to help people let go of suffering, find themselves, and live in peace.
Dr. Sharon Livingston
If you have a teenager at home, or if you know one, then you must watch today’s episode of The Inspiration Show. Today, Natalie Ledwell and writer and teacher, Naomi Katz, discuss the “Beautiful Project”, which is a movement created to empower young women to love themselves and speak their truth. During the show, Naomi shares that after working so closely with teenagers, and learning that suicide was the #3 leading cause of death amongst teenagers - she felt compelled to help prevent teen suicide. She created a platform where young women could share their struggles and their voices would be heard. She also explains that nowadays, teenagers suffer more from anxiety and depression than other generations. And she addresses how sexualized images affects girls’ self-esteem. Plus, she reveals important and practical strategies to respond in a healthy way to the social media influences.
Naomi Katz

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