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Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with former psychotherapist, entrepreneur and author of ?The Rainbow Bridge?, Brent Hunter. Brent joins Natalie on the show to discuss how his latest book can help you find inner peace regardless of who you are or where you live in the world. During the show, Brent explains how the multiple crises we?re experiencing (wars, financial crisis, violence and terrorism) are affecting our world and how his book aims to repress them by inspiring people to engage in the movement toward World Peace. He also opens up about his personal and spiritual journey that empowered him to make a contribution to humanity and reveals how you can make a positive contribution to not only your life, but to the lives of billions of people worldwide.
Brent Hunter
Today on The Inspiration Show Natalie Ledwell speaks with internet marketing expert and entrepreneur, Anik Singal. Anik joins Natalie to discuss his very unique and effective business course designed to help people start their own businesses online successfully, while transforming the lives of others. During the show, Anik shares his very inspiring journey from becoming a multimillionaire in his 20?s, to going bankrupt, to finally reaching fulfillment. He achieves this not just by generating money, but by helping others reach the same success as him. He also reveals how internet marketing is a great way for anyone to not only make money, but to also get a message out to the world.
Anik Singal
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with dream interpreter, author and international lecturer, Kaya. Kaya joins Natalie to discuss his new book, ?The Source Code?, which offers more than 880 pages of interpretations of symbols and signs from your dreams. During the show, Kaya explains that his book incorporates over 15 years of research study and it aims to teach people how to interpret and understand the profound significance of the messages received during sleep and the signs encountered in everyday life. Plus, he reveals the life-changing dreams that forever altered his destiny.
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with author of ?Death Of The Dragon Keepers? and Ultimate Success Masterclass graduate, Risaria Langley. Risaria joins Natalie to discuss her latest book, which is a story written for children filled with fantasy and adventures. During the show, Risaria explains that after being an archeologist for 20 years, she decided to follow her passion and take a turn in life by becoming a writer. She also explains how taking the USM course helped her to fulfill her dreams and how she is applying it into different areas of her life. Risaria believes that if you?re passionate about something, it?s never too late to start.
Risaria Langley

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